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Refrigeration – Restaurant  Equipment

Las Vegas Mechanical understands that restaurant maintenance is a vast list of things to do that is never ending. We are here to ensure that WE think about this instead of you! Each of our customers receive a custom maintenance plan that is specific to the needs of your restaurant. From your air conditioners to walk-ins and reach-ins each piece of equipment needs different services at different times to maintain optimal performance. Our licensed technicians will provide a monthly maintenance plan to service all your equipment and take the guess work out of it for you!

Some of our specialties include:

•        Warehouse refrigeration

•        Restaurants, hotels and bar refrigeration

•        Walk-In Coolers and Reach-In Coolers

•        Walk-In Freezers and Reach-In Freezers

•        Glycol Coolers

•        Display coolers

•        Supermarkets and grocery stores

•        Industrial food production facilities

•        Large cold storage facilities

•        Rack Systems

•        Ice Machines

From regular maintenance to emergency repairs, or simply lowering your cooling costs, Las Vegas Mechanical offers the repairs or installation you need, when you need it. Saving you time and product, so you can go back to doing what you do best, serving your customers.

Chances are, you know that preventative maintenance keeps your heating and air conditioning systems running reliably and efficiently. What you may not realize is that regular service is just as important for your commercial refrigeration equipment.

After all, your commercial refrigerators and freezers are mission-critical equipment that can quickly cost you a fortune when they go down. Even when you think they are working properly, your refrigeration units can be consuming too much energy, which costs not only your wallet but the entire planet. Preventative care will save you some green and help you do your part to be environmentally conscious. Here are some reasons why its so important to have regular planned maintenance.

1. Save energy costs

The first thing you should check is whether your restaurant equipment is running as efficiently as it could be. New machinery provides the best performance with the lowest amount of energy consumption possible. If your oven is old or has been treated roughly, it will not work as well as it should be working. It will consume more electricity and put out less heat. If there are more machines in your restaurant like this one, your monthly payment to your electricity provider will rise drastically, compared to using only brand-new machines.

2. Provide your customers with great service

If your restaurant is doing well, your service and quality of food must be keeping your customers happy. However, these essential aspects of your restaurant will be greatly impacted by your restaurant equipment if something goes wrong. What if your payment system breaks down on a major evening? You will not be able to run your restaurant well and your customers will be dissatisfied.

3. Save your staff some stress

Another thing you need to have maintained is your equipment. If you have everything you need and it all works perfectly, your employees will be able to work to their full potential and handle many orders. As cooking and restaurant equipment start to break down, they become less efficient and harder to use. This can be frustrating for employees who are already under a lot of pressure to deliver food quickly. Help them out by keeping your restaurant equipment well-maintained. This way, you can fix small problems before they become major issues.


Refrigeration Maintenance

Ice Machine Maintenance Professional Cleaning
Remove all Ice
Clean and sanitize the water system
Clean air filters on air-cooled models
Check external filter system and change cartridges as needed
Check inlet water valve screens.
Conduct bearing and auger inspection on extruded ice makers.
Conduct a visual inspection of components, controls, and wiring for oil spots, loose wires, loose fasteners, corrosion, etc.
Clean and Sanitize the bin interior and unit exterior
Cycle system per manufacturers recommendations
Visually observe 3 harvest cycles
Calibrate ice thickness

    Refrigeration Planned Maintenance        

    • Check and verify motor amp draw and ratings
    • Inspect electrical connections
    • Verify capacitor ratings
    • Defrost coils
    • Clean Condenser coils (Evaporator coil cleaning not included)
    • Clear/ Clean Drains
    • Remove foreign objects to ensure proper airflow to condenser and evaporator coils
    • Inspect seals and leaks
    • Inspect lighting
    • Clean fan blades
    • Ensure proper charge through temperatures (Do not put gauges on unless a handheld is used)
    • Verify temperature set point
    • Ensure box reaches temp before departure

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