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Mechanical Design

The importance of mechanical engineering in HVAC

Mechanical engineers are involved in the design, testing and operation of many products you use every day, including the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in your home, car, office or hotel, all places where a comfortable, productive environment must be created. Because HVAC is the main force to create a great indoor (and even outdoor) environment, excellence must be demanded from the first mechanical engineering design meeting to the final system balancing.

Mechanical engineering design that lacks excellence, may display quirks that subtly announce a need for HVAC system improvements. Have you seen people bring space heaters, long sleeve shirts, and blankets to the office in the summertime? Have you had papers blown off your desk when the Heating or Air Conditioning system kicks in or maybe you’ve spent the night in a hotel where the air conditioner wakes you several times during the night with noise and gale force winds? These are a few quirks that are small irritants, but they are irritants that detract from an otherwise productive or restful environment.

Las Vegas Mechanical engineering design, in contrast, is more than making lines on a drawing matchup, it’s about putting a system in place that operates efficiently and effectively with minimal user input or maintenance. A good designer uses mathematics, physics, core mechanical engineering design principles (solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer) along with real world experience from the school of hard knocks, to design a system that keeps a building’s occupants comfortable and equipment rooms cool and clean.

While a less than stellar system design has quirks alerting observant occupants to the system’s shortcomings, a great system gets lost in the background as it works completely unnoticed to create a comfortable space. Occupants who benefit from a stellar design, learn to expect a comfortable night’s sleep, a full workday in the office never adjusting a thermostat, never picking up papers blown to the floor, and never hearing strange noises from the bowels of the building.

This level of “quirk free” mechanical engineering design will always utilize the core engineering principles outlined earlier, but will also incorporate small, almost unnoticed, finishing touches of excellence expected in fine art, resulting in an office without space heaters or blankets, with papers that stay on the desk and a lack of strange noises coming from the bowels of the building, in short, a comfortable, productive work environment.

Mechanical Installation

Industrial and manufacturing facilities have unique needs that Las Vegas Mechanical has been fulfilling for years. We are your experts in industrial HVAC and mechanical systems. Las Vegas Mechanical is a local provider that is invested in our customers and communities.

Energy consumption in manufacturing facilities and commercial buildings account for nearly half of all energy consumed in the United States, costing approximately $200 billion per year. That is more than any other sector. Choose an industrial mechanical contractor who keeps energy efficiency and innovation at the forefront of system functionality.

Responding to the industrial HVAC design needs of our clients, Las Vegas Mechanical. takes complete responsibility for installation of high quality, cost effective, energy efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

These applications could be high pressure conveying, dust and fume collection, gas or air cooling, drying or heating systems, packaged skid units for HVAC applications, Vacuum Cleaning systems.

•        Temperature Control and Energy Management Systems

•        Central Plant Design and Build

•        Airside and Terminal Devices

•        Air and Ventilation System Design and Build

 •       Indoor Air Quality Systems Design and Build

•        Under-Floor Air Distribution Systems Design and Build

•        And More

•        Engineered Industrial Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

Mechanical Contractor Services Provided:


•        Air conditioning

•        Air handlers

•        Building automation systems

•        Chillers

•        Cooling towers

•        Custom sheet metal fabrication

•        Data center air conditioning

•        Energy recovery systems

•        Exhaust fans and hoods

•        Heat pumps/geothermal units

•        Make up air systems

•        Packaged heating and cooling units

•        Refrigeration systems

•        Rooftop units

Examples Of Projects And Applications


•        Exhaust (stainless and aluminum) for wastewater treatment plant

•        Humidification for food plants

•        Conveyor repairs

•        Dryer exhaust – 16ga, 18” round

•        Paint Booth remodel

•        Aluminized welded 16ga duct

•        Stainless Steel 12ga panels

•        Capture Hoods

•        Canopies for Entrances

•        Weld Extraction Supports

•        Guard and Safety Rails

•        Diamond Plate floor coverings

•        Duct Collection System

•        Oven/AHU Renovations

•        Access doors for ovens, up to 500°F

•        Heavy gauge welded fittings, up to 3/8” thick

Warranty Work

You spent a great deal of money on your heating and cooling system, and you surely do not want to face costly repair bills down the road. The way to guarantee that you will not have large repair bills in the future is to get the best warranties available and then make sure that you do not do anything to void the coverage.

In general, you will receive two separate types of HVAC warranty when you purchase your new furnace and air conditioner. The manufacturer provides a guarantee for the HVAC units themselves and will cover the cost to repair and replace any malfunctioning parts during the warranty. You should also receive a written assurance from your HVAC company that the labor costs for future maintenance and repairs are covered.

Manufacturers HVAC Warranty

HVAC manufacturers tend to offer strong equipment warranties that will cover your system for five years to the lifetime of the system. You must choose the manufacturer that believes enough in their product to guarantee you an HVAC warranty that will last throughout much of the expected life of the system.

Labor HVAC Warranty

Unlike equipment warranties, a labor warranty from an HVAC company varies widely in its quality. Top-quality HVAC installers, for instance, might offer a labor warranty that lasts the life of the heater and air conditioner. Other installation companies might require you to pay extra for a service warranty. Pay careful attention to the quality of labor warranties when you shop for a heating and cooling company.

3 Things That Will Void Your HVAC Warranty

Did you know that it is not tricky to unintentionally void one of your HVAC warranties? Indeed, many homeowners discover during a service appointment that their warranty is no longer valid. You can avoid this budget-busting surprise by keeping aware of the typical reasons that the manufacturer or HVAC installer might void a warranty.

1. Faulty Installation

There is a strong chance that an HVAC manufacturer will not honor the warranty if you didn’t hire a professional HVAC company for the installation. You won’t need to confront this problem when you contract with the professionals at Moore Heating as our team provides the highest level of work expertise required to protect your manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Off-Label Repairs

Did you know that many manufacturer’s warranties evaporate if you use off-label parts during a repair project? Unfortunately, too many HVAC repair companies use off-label repair parts to save money. Save your warranty protection by insisting that any repairs performed contain the components specified by the manufacturer.

3. Failure to Keep Up with Maintenance

Would you buy a car and never change the oil? Of course not, and you should not forget about regular maintenance when it comes to your heating system. You might have to show proof that you have been keeping up with the maintenance requirements for your heater and air conditioner to use the warranty when problems with the system arise. The best way to prove that you take care of your HVAC system is by relying on a professional service for routine maintenance.

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